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Art of the
Severely Mentally Ill

Now that I've realized,
how it's all gone wrong.
Gotta find some therapy.
This treatment takes too long
Joy division - 24 Hours

Turn Illness into a Weapon

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"Turn Illness into a Weapon" is a seminal manifesto from the Socialist Patients Collective (SPK) in 1972, challenging the prevailing mental health paradigm within capitalism. The SPK asserted an intricate link between individual mental health and broader societal issues, advocating for systemic changes to address deep-rooted deficiencies.

Critiquing mental health care under capitalism, they highlighted its iatrogenic nature, where support structures paradoxically worsen afflictions. The manifesto denounced binary paradigms imposed by mental health professions, calling for a nuanced, systemic approach acknowledging the complexity of factors influencing well-being.

Beyond mental health, the SPK's critique extends to societal structures, emphasizing the need to dismantle barriers perpetuating mental health challenges. Advocating a paradigm shift, the SPK challenges stigma and urges a more empathetic understanding, emphasizing the enduring relevance of their call for a compassionate approach to individual and collective well-being within the socio-political landscape.

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