The Art and
Music of
Mental Illness

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Now that I've realized, how it's all gone wrong. Gotta find some therapy. This treatment takes too long - Joy division - 24 Hours

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SMI the band is the solo project of former founding member of Mongoloids in Crayons Suits, Anal Electric Fur Harvest & ex-psychiatric hospital detainee, polycarp kusch. It was founded in 1998 out of isolation and severe mental illness, emerged again in 2015 and has re-emerged yet a 3rd time in 2023 for the same reasons.


It's goal is to show the world a new perspective on itself through the eyes of this ongoing mental illness and isolation.


SMI the band is simply a musical & visual reflection

Weaponize the Art of the Mentally Ill!


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Digital Animals

The 3 Surviving songs from the 1998
Judy's in Babylon Sessions
Straight from the Cassette Masters

Judy's in Babylon

The Debris

The Simplest Process

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